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Operational Reviews

REAC provides operational reviews to determine the relative strength of the USPS or other agency location within its market and operations system. For Post Offices, this includes delivery and service history, and demographics of the local market to determine the "real estate" potential of the location, should the USPS choose to relocate at a future date.

Site Selection

REAC provides site selection and comparative analysis for owners. This is a strong feature of our expertise. The Principals and our affiliates have collectively evaluated and acquired more USPS sites that any other group of related real estate specialists. We are able to select the locations that meet the operations, public service, and economic criteria used by the USPS in their determinations of site locations.

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Due Diligence

REAC provides due diligence counseling for prospective USPS and GSA leased properties. We arrange for quality vendors to provide appraisals, title and closing services, survey and environmental studies, and physical condition reports as necessary for the particular project. We negotiate competitively for reasonable fees and provide quality content for the client.


REAC provides developmental potential counseling for properties that are significantly underutilized and/or have much greater value than its current use.

Investment Counseling

REAC provides investment counseling, including investment evaluation, financial analysis, lease review and analysis,and contract negotiations to develop optimal financial strategies.

Project Bids

REAC provides cost estimation, market analysis, proposal strategy and documentation that are related to new construction, remodeling, and lease renewal projects. Such services will meet USPS and GSA real property procurement policies and proposal criteria. As former Contracting Officers, we are knowledgeable and skilled in contract documentation necessary for all types of USPS and GSA real property projects.

Neilton, WA Main Post Office

Real Estate Asset

Counseling, Inc.

Consulting Services

Lease Negotiations

REAC works with you to develop a strategy to protect your financial interests. We negotiate rental rates, terms, maintenance, taxes, restoration, and other items to assure you the best possible results.

Lease Interpretation

REAC interprets your lease and explains complex terms, conditions and unique terminology. REAC understands mandatory and optional clauses and will help assure that the agency treats you fairly.


REAC is the primary correspondent for the premier Post Office lender, the Atlanta Postal Credit Union. REAC provides market based financial consulting with regards to construction and permanent loans. We have a correspondent relationship with lenders that enables us to secure favorable financing for investments in all types of Federal tenant real estate.

Sales and Purchases

REAC helps its clients buy and sell Post Office and other government properties that meet their financial goals. This includes identifying buyers and sellers and arranging for necessary due diligence work on appraisals, surveys, environmental studies, title policies,etc.

Problem Resolution

REAC professionals are problems solvers that facilitate solutions that work. We understand the challenge facing the lessors, the USPS, and other government agencies.  We have an outstanding reputation of finding solutions to difficult issues.