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Lease Negotiation AdvisoryREAC assists you with your lease terms
Lease Interpretation

REAC explains complex terms and helps avoid unfair treatment

Financing/RefinancingREAC helps obtain financing
Sales and Purchases
REAC helps you sell efficiently
Problem Resolution
REAC resolves difficult real estate issues
Due Diligence
REAC minimizes costs and expedites the buying process
REAC can help maximize the return on underutilized property
Investment Counseling
REAC develops optimal real estate financial strategies
Site Selection
REAC helps clients win competitively bid projects
Project Bids
REAC provides Cost Estimates, Market Analysis and Proposal Strategy

Real Estate Asset Counseling (REAC) was formed in 1993 to provide owners and lessors of Postal Service (USPS) properties with unparalleled representation. REAC's expertise, tools ​and resources effectively level the playing field so that our clients can realize their financial goals and objectives.

REAC is composed of retired Senior Executives from the real estate sector of the Postal Service. Their combined Contracting ​Officer experience exceeds 100 years and, in many cases, REAC's partners "wrote the book" for the agency. This means that REAC knows the players, the rules and regulations better than anyone.

In these difficult times, REAC's exceptional knowledge and skill in this highly specialized market niche can be put to work for you.

REAC provides a comprehensive range of consulting services to meet your needs as an owner/lessor, investor, or financial institution.

In 2022, REAC was acquired by Postal Realty Trust, Inc.

The Most Experienced Consulting Team in the Market!​

The Most Experienced Consulting Team in the Market!​

Consulting Services:

Real Estate Asset Counseling provides a wide variety of consulting services to meet the needs encountered by owners, lessors, and financial institutions that are active in the USPS tenant market niche. Check out our varied services that are noted below.

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