Real Estate Asset Counseling (REAC) was formed in 1993 to provide lessors of properties leased by the Postal Service with unparalleled representation.  Our team is comprised of retired Senior Executives and Contracting Officers from the Postal Service real estate sector.

REAC’s exceptional knowledge and skill in this highly specialized niche market allows us to guide lessors with respect to anything postal.  Contact us to discuss topics such as, but not limited to, lease negotiations, lease analysis, Claims, EMCOR disputes, Contracting Officer decision letters and/or free postal comps in your area.

Interested in free postal comps for your property? Call us at 800.405.7179 or click here.
When It Comes to Postal Service Real Estate, Come to REAC, the Most Experienced, Most Trusted Consulting Team in the Market.

The Most Experienced Consulting Team in the Market.

Acquired by Postal Realty Trust, Inc in 2022.