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About Us

Laurie Faith, Senior Associate

Laurie Faith is a Senior Associate with Real Estate Asset Counseling.  She manages the day-to-day operations and conducts the preliminary due diligence for new projects.  Laurie has over twenty years of experience in commercial real estate, including operating her own third-party property management company in California for seven years.  She has extensive experience working with financial institutions, individuals, and court appointed receivers to manage office, retail and industrial properties.  She worked for the USPS in the Facilities Department as a Lease Management Specialist to resolve disputes between landlords and the USPS, and project manage restoration of USPS facilities damaged by natural disasters. 

Her professional expertise includes building professional relationships with clients, vendors and tenants, financial analysis, negotiating leases and managing capital upgrades.

Laurie holds a BS in Business Administration with a minor in accounting from Saint Mary’s College of California.  She is a licensed broker in both California and Colorado.

Professional Affiliates

We have a number of professionals who assist us as needed on special projects. These individuals consist of people who have extensive backgrounds in finance, appraisals, site selections, and general experience in all facets of the USPS real estate organization.

Background & Business Activities

Real Estate Asset Counseling was established in 1993 by founding principal, James Thomas Coe who has a Counselor of Real Estate designation.  The objective of the firm is to assist owners and lessors of USPS properties. Over the years, the counseling practice has grown and through its affiliation with the the Association of United States Postal Lessors (AUSPL), and Postal Realty Trust, Inc., we now provide Lessors with the premier consulting firm in this market.

Our clients consist of entities that own a few USPS buildings, to those that own hundreds of such buildings.​​

Keith E. LaShier, Senior Vice President

Keith retired from the United States Postal Service with over thirty six years of experience in Operations, Finance and Facilities. He managed an area comprising 20 states with an inventory of over 7600 buildings. These buildings contained 56 Million square feet. Approximately 76% of these facilities were leased and incurred annual lease costs exceeding $124 Million per year. Keith served as the Acting Vice President, Facilities for the United States Postal Service and in that position had responsibility for one of the largest real estate organizations in the country. Keith previously served in a variety of high level Finance positions with the United States Postal Service. He graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Management, and has graduate level courses from Duke University and the University of Virginia. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of United States Postal Lessors (AUSPL) and also Lutheran Family Services of Rocky Mountains. He is a member of the Counselors of Real Estate.

James Thomas CoeSenior Vice President

Tom has over 45 years of experience with the United States Postal Service and other commercial real estate. For eight years he was the Senior USPS executive in charge of the national real estate program,  overseeing all acquisition, real estate management, and asset management (developmental) real estate. As the founding principal of Real Estate Asset Counseling he has provided a variety of consultant services to hundreds of individuals in the USA plus several assignments in foreign locations. Tom served as a university professor of Real Estate in Appraisal, Finance, and Law courses. He has a B.S. in Real Estate and Urban Development from Georgia State University, an M.B.A. in Management from the University of Memphis. He has additional post graduate studies at the University of Houston and University of Virginia. He is a member of the Counselors of Real Estate.​

Phil Wilson, Senior Consultant

Phil Wilson is a real estate and financial expert specializing in Postal leased properties. In his early career, he led the USPS Leasing and Acquisition programs and later headed the Facilities Department.  Subsequently, he became Senior Vice President, Corporate and Government Services for a large international real estate firm.  With REAC, he helps investors, corporations, developers, portfolio owners and financial institutions navigate all facets of USPS real estate.   In addition to his numerous real estate-related certifications, Phil taught at the Johns Hopkins Graduate Real Estate School. 

Candace Kinne, Consultant 

Candace Kinne has over twenty-eight years of experience working for the USPS.  Early in her career, she served as a Contract Real Estate Specialist completing lease actions as well as NCL’s and Alternate Quarters in Colorado and Wyoming.  She was later assigned the Northern and Southern Illinois Districts, completing all levels of leases, NCL’s and acquisitions.  In 2008 she was promoted to Leasing Team Leader, Western Area which contained 6,500 facilities, as well as maintenance for all leased facilities.  Candace was a Level 3 Contracting Officer until retirement.

Candace has a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Colorado University.  She is a licensed broker in Colorado.

Michael LeGrand, Consultant

Michael LeGrand is a Certified Commercial & Investment Member (CCIM) of the CCIM Institute, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors. He is a recognized expert in CRE and is a valuable resource to the CRE owner, investor and user. Michael has more than 40-years of progressively responsible experience in most facets of CRE, including more than 20-years as a CRE Executive and Contracting Officer with the Real Estate and Facilities Office of the U.S. Postal Service. He has been directly involved as the Negotiator or Contracting Officer ($5M Warrant) for more than 5,000 CRE leases and other CRE transactions with a total value of more than $1B.

Brad Meador, Consultant

Brad retired in February 2014 after twenty-seven years with the USPS Facilities Department.  He was a General Certified Appraiser in Illinois for commercial appraisals and a Certified Property Manager, CPM, through the National Association of Realtors.

In his last position with the USPS, Brad was the national Property Manager.  He accomplished appraisal reviews over $150,000, signed all leases over $50,000 in rent for approximately 20% of the USPS facility portfolio, signed all Alternate Quarters leases up to $250,000 in annual rent and managed staff in six field offices. His contracting authority was $5M.

He has worked as a contractor for REAC from April 2017 to the present addressing lease negotiations and maintenance enforcement for USPS facilities property owners.